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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Do you like to make complaints???

Well in my depends on what matters...If that matters really important I will make a complaint..or if I think it's not such a big deal then I will keep quiet..That just me..I'm not really fussy person that like to go for single details and keep track on people's no..That is just how been brought up!! but if it goes to something that reaaaallyyyy important then I will go to the right source and voice up..if u guys already figure..last week I did mention about my winning for the contest. I haven't got any email or updates after that phone calls..I'm getting curious of course and my hubby keep asking me about dat..are u sure u won?? bla bla bla yada yada I'm getting pissed off n then I found a right track to make complaint

Ok that basically what I complaint..I'm using the good command of language mind cursing or fowl language what so ever pttfff (-_____-)"...but that is a good thing about complaining via online thru complaint straight to the person in-charge..after a few seconds there goes my calls from the person from Drypers saying sorry and everything..actually Drypers is not at fault..they handed the money to Travel Agency in charge of this contest..The Travel Agency is working really slow..I mean come on!! u got ur money n now plz do ur works!!! After i got that phone call from s/one name Jasmine, I got another call from Miss Ren and she said she talked to the travel agency and they will call me tommorrow to make the arrangement and all..I guess I have to wait tommorrow for that!!!

p/s- the arrangement has been made and i did choose my destination (^_*)v u have to wait for that post haha..we'll going somewhere in October -after Raya of course coz nak kumpul ongkosnya dulu..


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  1. good job, babe! Sy belajar sesuatu dr post ini :-)tp, takleh nak tunggu ke manakah destinasinya. Nak tau~..weeeee~



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