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Friday, July 8, 2011

When I'm lazy to cook I will...

Well other than masak megi or mkn kat luar I will make this...super easy n cepat

I make pizza *just ignore my oven yg berkarat tuh heheh kan I ni rajin sll guna oven namanye heheheh*
this is how the result looks
french fries with mini sausages
nothing beat homemade pizza *nak2 mkn time panas2 yummy!!*

okay the recipe is easy..I ngelat beli roti pizza tu siap2 (^_*)v..ada jual kat Jaya Jusco or Cold Storage

and on top of that..u put pizza sauce *yg ni pun ada jual siap2, u tinggal bancuh je* and u can put almost anything on that...I letak minced meat, peperoni slice, sosej potong kecil2, carrot and tabur dgn cheese...then bakar kat dlm oven dgn suhu 180' selama 15 minutes....then it is ready to be served...senang bukan??? 

p/s- korang plak suka masak apa time malas???


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