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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Feel Good Run 2011

 Feel Good Run 2011 
My category: Run with Celebrities 
*but I didnt see any celeb or maybe I was celeb blind coz the celeb didnt wear make up so I x recognized hahaha
Date: 3rd July 2011/Sunday
Time: 7am
Place: around Seri Pentas 
Route: 3km

After months of waiting to join this event...we woke up super  early for this (^_^) first, i thought to bring my ammar with us but change my mind later *Thanx God I dint bring him - hujan sgt lebat after dat event* and to make things worst, we all kena parking sgt jauh due to the limited parking space and JJ still closed *at least open ur parking lot kan* jauh gilerr menapak fuhhh (-______-)" About 1km sthing to the starting point..mengah mak!!!

oh our running kit -new balance T-shirt,face towel, waterbottle etc
at the starting point
see..thousands of people..
include us..theee
we probably look restless all the way to the finishing point but seriously we were running and sweating...xbaik tuduh I jejalan mkn angin je huhhu  

kenal x who's this???
Oh yes, along the way we met so many weird yet cool people dressed in bizzare outfit..cekidaut...

Avatar malaysia

Pirates in Caribbean perhaps huuhu

a monster???

he called himself  Hang Tuah in bendera outfit..go figure..

There were lots of them but seriously they all weird n sadly I hope to see anyone wearing like Lady gaga but no one brave enough to wear s/thing like her hahaha

thumbs up for those yg join (^_^)v 

yg xsempat nak join..well there are always next year or in my case next week hehehe...I join McD Marathon about that later


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