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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Langkawi Trip day 1

Hi I have time to talk bout our holiday that we won the other day..weehoo!!! Thanx to Drypers and Tesco Malaysia for choosen me out of thousand participations..We were lucky, alhamdulillah...the destination was in Langkawi coz hubby n my ammar never been there b4. That was their first time..and I love langkawi so off we went to Langkawi..and hey, who doesn't love free holiday with extra VIP treatment right?? You be boss and have driver to drive u around, showing and explain things, open n close the door for you...we were treat so well like VIP!!! we were so jakun hahaha..coz never been treated like dat *we are nobody and not rich* so who bother right!! but not diz time..we were lucky, alhamdulillah..I will just put pictures and explain ya' time to write longg coz I'm busy *watching Walking Dead marathon tehehee-damn,it gets me hooked since I started*

We went there by flight coz it cheaps and cut our time in long hours driving..
lets go on boardd..

safely reach Langkawi at 1pm

and there was Mr.Nick (our tour guide) patiently waiting for us..we were brought to our hotel Holiday Villa Beach Resort & Spa in Pantai Tengah -no pix of him entry

we had the deluxe room that cost RM480++ per night the last time I checked..luckily it's free..pheww!!! The bed was spacious for the 3 of us to guling2 together not crammed like home *my queen size bed*

 the bathtub n toilet..

Then after pray and changing Ammar's diaper..we had our lunch at nearby stall to eat the famous was so good i had to cedok hubby's bowl sikit hehehe

no pix of the laksa coz we didnt snap*khusyuk mkn*

Our first day we had the half day tour to several places like Underwater World, Pantai Cenang, Makam Mahsuri, Gamat Factory, The Eagle Square and of course some shopping at Pekan Kuah.

The fishes are everywhere and what make dis place different from the one at KLCC  is the underwater World KLCC no penguins..and it was nice to see mulut ammar yg terjuih2 kejakunan tgk ikan yg ada tu lagi much bigger then him..'uh uh'..that's all came out from his mouth hahaa..n then jari dia akan point to every fish yg dia was sucha scene haha..and it was 1st time in my life to see penguins live, it'll better if I can touch the penguins tho..they are cute..

Later we supposed to have a lil picnic at Cenang beach but the weather x mengizinkan..hujan!!
 ammar refused to put on papa's cap to avoid hujan..ishhh budak ni..

Then off we went to Gamat Factory...
still raining like cats n dogs (T_T)

We didn't buy much..just a few to keep stock at home and some to give to close family and friends..we went there by flight remember..

Welcome to Kota mahsuri...

It was nice to be here coz I honestly forgot half from the history of mahsuri *I'm a sucker in history boo* but anyway been here made me brush up back all the's true..well, plz ask me something bout mahsuri, sure I can handle it *with multiple answers plz tehehee*

ammar mengamuk coz papa wont let him walk was wet after d heavy raining that's why we didn't let him (T_T)

the result: papa yg dpt..sian u b..
haha...ammar bited papa..notty la ammar ni..ishish

We not even finished see video on the Mahsuri's history at the mini museum there coz Ammar got a bit cranky the risk bring ur kids camnilah...there is no healthy normal kid yg akan duduk diam je esp boys...they get bored easily esp at the historical place like this...huhu mummy just pray you wont hate history so much during school ammar..

Then off we went to the Langkawi famous landmark...know where that is??? yes...The Eagle Square of course..

papa sekodeng en.helang kiter..

but we got a bit dissapointed coz the eagle is sick and need to be care of huhu..
work under progress until next year..huhu bummer..

The tour guide drop us for an hour to do some shopping at Pekan hour is so not enough for shopping right??? *plz agree* so there were just a few shop we checked it out, Langkawi Saga and Haji Ismail Group..I bought mainly chocolates like Kitkat*my fav*, Daim *my mom's fav*, Kinder buenos, ferero rocher, hersheys etc...couldnt recall...I been really careful not to buy overboard coz we all naik flight kan so no shopping for pinggan mangkuk watsoever *ni hubby dah pesan huhu* harga pinggan mangkuk murah sgt geram nak beli..kalaulah x naik flight confirm I dah angkut..(T_T)

We were so exhausted that night due of melenjan kat luar the whole day so call Room Service for dinner. Harga of courselah membunuh kat hotel berstar star ni but whatever right..we're on holiday!! let's care bout dat later haha..*dats wat I told hubby hehehe*

p/s- next entry on 2nd day,xtau bile nak blog coz post yg ni pun mkn masa 3 hari nak buat kuikuikui*talking bout being lazy these few days*

to be continue....

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