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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


What so special about tomorrow??? Here why ... Everything has been arranged and tomorrow is the time to go..yeay!!! The destination somewhere in island that full with historical momento...The packing I will do it later I get back from work..btw, I been pushed to play netball for my unit *sigh* org x cukup dats why kena main gak huhu..netball is never my cup of tea u'll see...but I have to play anyway coz I'm not a party popper..xkanlah because of me team x cukup n later x blh hantar I play for my team's sake huhu..but dat cannot stop me for having my good mood today coz TOMORROW we all will be flying to our SPONSORED cool is that right??? a free holiday yeay!!! I know I will enjoy myself to the max..lying on the beaches or pool or whatever...There's been ages I x swimming pool around here my muslimah swimming suit definitely I will bring it..well, pray for our safe journey peeps...will talk about that later after we return back from our vacay..tata

p/s- the Arthritis Foundation strongly recommends swimming and water activities  so you can protect the joints from stress and strain.


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  1. wahhh...yana main netball. ex-hosmet kakwin (coach netball) kompom buleh main punye :-)

    wallaweih, esok ke gi bercutinye? ke manakah destinasinya? best tuh berenang2. selamat ber'enjoy' ye. jaga diri juga ye :-)



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