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Monday, October 24, 2011


I have some important things to do so definitely will be back n story mory bout our vacay last wiken..It was such heaven..*drools nak holiday2 lagik-tgh tggu tabung penuh* but what to do...mana boleh nak cuti setiap hari kang boss suh berhenti terus I letak some pix during our free hols ni..kenapa free?? sbb percutian ditaja oleh Drypers n Tesco Malaysia...TQ so much for giving us the best time of our life...Tour guide sgt superb..we all been treated like VIP..hehehe *x pernah received dat kind of treatment* so mmg sgt jakun tp berlakon cool jek kuikuikui...cuci2 mata dulu ek...later...

 @Underwater World

@Makam Mahsuri


sape tau apa ni??? jawab betul nanti dpt hadiah misteri


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