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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kempen Perut Kenyang Hati pun semakin sayang Part II

Hoho atas permintaan ramai *sebenarnya sorang je yg pm I tanya pun kehkehkeh* so I published what I cooked during Iftar for mr.hb..continue from my kempen....well out of 100% at least I cook 90% from it *it's d effort that count right?? hikkss*..the other lazy day we just bought it from Param (Pasar Ramadhan)..lets see..

menu on 9th day Iftar

dont know what this??? meh sekodeng dekat sket...

can guess now?? still can't

here..much better right...

we were having homemade chicken kebab *ala2 Kyros Kebab*..yummy n easy peasy to do it..u can put any sauce u want depends on ur in my case, I put bbq+mayonnaise+thai sauce *gulp*

menu on 10th day Iftar
simple dishes consists of rice+sotong masak kicap+kacang buncis goreng+telur dadar

seronok masak tgk mr.hb bertambah nasi heheheh

menu on 11th day Iftar
I made hotdog but not ur everage hotdog but 
'hotdog ala coney dog A&W' with potato wedges and salad

there is no A&W around so I made my own coney sauce...resepi taken from internet of n mr.hb got 2 each but I was only managed to eat 1 and half hotdog..the other half, ammar tlg abiskan hehehe

menu on 12th day Iftar
spicy spaghetti with lots of mushroom+minced meat+carrot+cili api 
*v all still tekak melayu so kena pedas2*

mr.hb mkn dgn selera v(^_^)v

Weekend was my day off \\(^_^)// so no cooking!!!

menu on 15th day Iftar

nasi beryani+curry chicken+ayam goreng rempah+papadom

menu on 16th day Iftar

steam ladyfinger

spicy petai prawn..yumm..

daging masak hitam

n of course la v eat them with rice...

Ramadhan 17th(Nuzul Quran)was public holiday in Selangor so i pun holiday masak jugak hikksss (^_*)v

menu on 18th day Iftar

chicken soup

ayam goreng kicap with potatoes

kacang buncis goreng again...wat can I say, I love them..
menu on 19th day Iftar
was sponsored by

KFC....hehehe *kes malas masak*

Weekend was a day off as usual....yippee..

menu on 22nd day Iftar

know wat diz??

grilled salmon with cheese baked potatoes

menu on 23rd day Iftar

homemade mini donut gebu..hikss..
my 1st attempt, alhamdulillah jadi!!!

lamb chop with blackpepper gravy + grilled mixed vege 

 I was forced to learn how to cook by my mum ages ago and I grew to love it everyday! I find it so therapeutic and fulfilling, feeding the ones you love and seeing them grow fat...hehee...well...I enjoy cooking now..I think cooking is easy peasy n plus with the internet nowadays..I just can search any recipes I want mum mesti sgt proud of her daughter neh sbb dah pandai masak macam2 hikkss..evntho it takes like 29 years to mengikut jejak langkah beliau...btw...1st time masak rendang adalah di rumah MIL masa raya 2 thn lepas hahaha..resepi amik sebijik2 mama punya..n now i think xdelah susah mana buat rendang * I used to think sgt leceh buat rendang* sbb x pernah buat kan kehkehkeh dasar pemalas...after married lots in me mum said kuikuikui...mesti dia bangga dgn I skrg!! b4 kawen serba serbi mama masak for raya except biskut raya *coz I love baking even b4 kawen lagik* dah ada family sendiri n duk umah MIL masa raya..kemain rajin compared duk umah mak sendiri *biasalah...we take for granted benda depan mata* huhu..mama if u happened to read diz *I doubt it tho but mana tau adik2 tunjuk diz to mama* kehkehkeh...bangga x dpt daughter camni???


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