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Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Black Ryder last my Black Ryder is ready to celeb Raya hahaha..Last week during Nuzul Quran (public hols in Selangor) I made some alteration to him...hehehe biasalah baru dpt half month bonus so I spent just a bit tiny of it on him*percayalah*..Pity him(my car is  a MALE haha) since I move to KKSB he been exposed with so much of UV light, I'm afraid that he'll get the skin cancer huhu..that's why la I made him wear UV protection-wearing the sunglasses made him more handsome..After this mesti banyak awek2 kaler pink nak ngorat (^_*)v

We went to accessories car shop somewhere in Sg.Besar *lupa ingatan nama kedai* as recommended by Miss G *my officemate* but the shop is infront of Seng Heng and sederet dgn Kedai Bhn2 Kek 2PLY...V all went there as soon as the shop opened at 10am so v are the 1st customer...actually my 1st intention just want to install the sunglasses/tinted the windows but biasalah pergi dgn mr.hb so macam2 suh tambah *nasib the rest dia tambah using his own money* I make it clear yg I nyer budget sekian2 je so xnak tambah apa2 lagi..dah dia gatal2 nak tambah then guna $$$ dia la ye dok..hikksss

in process

It took like hours to install that (T_T) huhu..sian Ammar dah cranky sbb panas+bored

sampai ketiduran Zzzzz di sofa..

such heaven on earth..ahhh *only during sleeping* -____-"

Just imagine, we have to wait like 4hours++ to get it all done nak nangis tggu...with Ammar cranky big mistake to bring him along...supposed mr.hb je gi n v all tggu kat rumah

ok..story mory later..have to go to do s/thing urgent

p/s-mlm ni nak buat biskut raya 'chocolate chip cookies' but tggu until ammar Zzzzz...kalau x mmg xpayahla nak buat dgn kehadiran dia tuh...u all buat biskut apa this year??


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