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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Kempen Perut Kenyang Hati pun semakin sayang launched..

Well well well..being a good wife *ehemm..cough* I  cooked everyday for iftar except wiken *off masak*..I  still remember my mum advise 'the way to caught your husband's heart is thru his stomach'..I'm such an obedient daughter also ngehehe *cough some more*..but yes..I dont know where I got all the energy to cook after a tiring day at work hhuhuu..I got all the strength from Allah I guess because of my good nawaitu to do good deeds..*TQ Allah Maher Zain echooo*..Mind you..from home to work it took about 1 hour drive here n forth usually I'll home at 5.45pm-6.00pm in the evening..n bila sampai rumah terus straight ke dapur n cook...actually I ada tips for all the working women out there..the key word is PREPARE EVERYTHING A NIGHT that means bila u blk keje nanti seme brg2 dah siap tggal nak campak2 n lebur2 dlm kuali..mudah bukan???

menu on 1st day Iftar

Rice+Ikan goreng sambal+sup telur+telur masin+kuih cara
I made everything except for kuih cara *beli kat Bazaar*

 menu on 2nd day Iftar

grilled chicken lemon & herbs+mashed potato+mixed vegetables grill 

menu on 3rd day Iftar

chicken rice+ayam goreng rempah+sup ayam

menu on 4rd day Iftar

chicken chop with mushroom gravy+potato wedges+coselaw

 menu on 5th day Iftar

kueytiau goreng seafood+keropok(yg ni hubby tlg goreng)+ondeh2 buah melaka
*probably u wont see any seafood on the pic of keuytiau but I swear I put lots of it inside ~ the pic doesn't do this food justice huh*

Weekend was a days off..hehehe

menu on 8th day Iftar
air teh ais special suami+rice+ayam tandoori+kacang buncis goreng with hati ayam husband incharge of dia yg akan bancuh any water we desired..selalunya dia buat air lychee,bandung sirap,teh o ais,teh ais etc...

Kempen Perut kenyang, hati pun semakin sayang to be continue....stay tune


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