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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Time: 29 May 2011/Sunday
Place: Gombak(Nordin's side)
Theme: Purple
I attended wedding ALONE..yes u hear me ALONE...My hubby was sick on the day of the wedding n i couldn't drive alone with my ammar...he wont sit still in his carseat so I left him with his tokma..phewww...n plus I'm not really familiar with places in Gombak..*Just imagine me with my 1 year old cranky kid n I'm lost out of nowhere in Gombak* better I went there alone..right? If u ask me what the feelings??? huh...kind of sucks..I never went to any wedding alone before..there always parents/cousins/friends/my hubby will accompany me but not on that day!! I had no options...and not going was not an option coz I promised the bride i'll be here I was at the wedding alone n felt rather pathetic (T_T)...dont get me wrong..I'm so overwhelmed n excited to see both of the bride n groom & I'm happy for them but I just felt alone surrounded by thousand faces that I'm not familiar with...yes..I spot a few of my ex-officemates but they were coming with partners...and I have to answer the same questions all over again...Suami n anak mana? dtg sorg ke? (T_T)

but anyway...went alone was a good things too..I can eat in peace without choking my self because when u're having a baby..u'll always be disturb by ur kid when u're eating and u have to take turns with ur spouse and that means u cannot enjoy much the food coz u'll chew that so fast..u lost the now taste later is the motto hahaha...

I dont have any photos with the pengantin huhu (T_T) because I was too shy to ask people around to take the photos for me *that is one of the reason u cant attend wedding alone coz u cant boss around ur partner to snap some pix* so i just snap a few photos of them instead...(-_-)''

they look adorable in purple...

at least they looked at me (-_-)" eventho I guna henpon cap ayam jek

To mekta n nordin..may u live happily ever after...n I pray u guys cepat2 dapat anak so nanti boleh geng with my ammar \\(^_^)//


1 comment:

  1. yana yang dirindui...tq sbb sudi dtg hr tu. awk sampai tepat waktu puncak. jd tak dapat nak layan awk wlupun sy tau awk dtg sorg2. (sy paham perasaan dtg kenduri sorg2 tu mcmmn) :-)

    apopun, sy cari2 awk jugak slps itu utk bergambar, tp awk sudah hilang dr pandangan~

    tqvm utk hadiah yg sgt berguna itu ;-)

    take care bebeh~



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