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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Visit mel's baby

Last saturday me and makyung abby *hahaha jgn marah* went to mel's house to visit her and her newborn baby yg sgt adorable tuh...he is such a nice boy...tidur je xbyk kerenah..*wish my ammar pun camtu gak masa baby2 dulu but ammar suka sgt cranky n nangis2..thanx god that period is over now kalau x mau i meroyan huhu(T_T)*..sekali sekali dapat kuar jumpa ni..berborak x ingat dunia sampai my hubby call few times to check on me..he was afraid I was not able to find my way home (-_-)'

but seriously...once in a while can hang out with friends mmg sgt bahagia..abis seme cerita2 time sekolah dulu akan kuar plus d current issues...dulu story mory pasal bf n etc n now citer byk pasal anak je..sejak dah jadik mak mak ni hikhikhik...what can i say after married n have baby, my time with friends kind of like sgt nak kuar bersama..having girls nite out ke apa mmg impossible...thanx to mr.hubby yg sudi duk umah n jaga ammar...I love time bagi lagi ye (^_^)

makyung  yg dah sarat menunggu hari jek
such a nice boy..tidur je pas nenen
mama penyayang..cewwahh..
nice pix of the lady in confinement hikhikhik...jgn marah mel
Hope to do this more often...berborak x hengat dunia huahuahua (^_^)


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