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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A good tip on carseat..

I have a very good tip for parents out there who has infant or toddler yg xnak sit still kat carseat beribu hengget u guys dah spent tuh (-_-)" usually what u guys do in that case?? Let go that item u have purchased on ebay??? I dont know how other parents doing it but my Ammar dont know how to sit still in his carseat before...asyik2 menjerit suh let go of him..been shouting here n there..let me out let me out agaknya apa yg dia jeritkan...
  1. the only thing that can make him stop yelling is FOOD when I'm driving alone with him *which s/times happens when papa is not aroundh* but still I have to be prepared..there will be his fav biscuits, fruits, nuggets,plain water by my side..I can easily reach and give to my ammar so it will make his mouth stop from screaming but sungguh comel tgk tgn yg tecik bulat tembam tuh asking me for more food after he done munching the earlier biscuit I gave hikhikhik *wish I can took pix on that time but hey,I was driving so I have to FOCUS on the road (-_-)''* kalau x naya je dua2 accident (x_x) *mintak dijauhkan* 
  2. start at an early age..if u guys beli carseat berkurun dah but xnak bg ur lil'one experienced that or x sampai hati dgr ur lil'one screaming because they wont sit on that thing...then it is ur loss..let them scream n try to pujuk them first..nanti lama2 anak2 akan faham..because ur lil'one ni sgt pandai tau, if lets say,u terus amik dia bile dia nangis then next time they mummy will take me if I screammmm so kalau u letak je kat carseat they will screamm sbb dorg tau u x sampai let them testing their vocal hahaha..jgn amik..keraskan hati a bit..
  3. Dont ever put ur babycarseat upfront..i mean kat sebelah tpt duduk driver *esp for those yg ada airbag kat dua2 tpt driver n penumpang..because lots of accident,airbag nilah antara penyumbang kematian baby..the baby is choking coz of the airbag not of the accident

such an angel masa tidur (-_-)"
But anyway, in my matter how hard he is screaming,I'm still wont let him out from his carseat..bahaya tau!! what if there is an accident??? mesti akan tercampak ke luar if u put ur baby on ur lap..(T_T)..accident will happen right??? so precaution is better than cure...


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