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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ammar 1st Playgroup

Date: 26th June 2011/Sunday
Place: Tateh Playgroup@Sarakids Shah Alam
Time: 2.00pm - 3.30pm (1.5 hours)
Group: Lil'explorer (12 months - 18 months old)

We went to send Ammar to his playgroup last Sunday at Sarakids.. I get all the info from my bestfriend Mr.Internet hehehe...I found all the activities are quite interesting and fun. It just that for a first time, Ammar not really keen to listen to the teacher's instructions. He just do whatever he wanted to do (-_-)'' sigh....but what do you expect from ONE YEAR OLD KID right???? yes..exactly!!!
 Looks like, my Ammar is the only boy there and the youngest among the girls..the rest are 1 year 6months plus and some of them can speak or utter really well..but I was a bit dissapointed coz my battery(camera+hp) died on me on that day (T_T) I didn't manage to take pics for all the activities..speaking of ironic (-____-)" damn...

some of the xtvts:

Aktiviti parachute play and bubble time baik untuk increase their language at the same time develop their listening skills. Dengan menyebut 'POP the BUBBLE' setiap kali aktiviti ini di jalankan, kids will catch up the word POP and understand the meaning!
Pada masa yang sama, poping the bubble akan develop their eye coordination yang akan membantu anak-anak untuk fokus dalam skill bacaan dan belajar kelak!

so here are some of the pix I managed to take...

Ammar fav xtvt..time ni je fokus..time lain ke laut perginya (-____-)"

 how happy my ammar (^_^)

 pop the bubbles...

 see..dah start getting bored..then..

play with blocks *his fav*
 next xtvt involved mummy..

 tekun dgr selama...15 saat yeay!!! (-___-)"

 then..nak let go himself n play of his own (-___-)"

 parachute xtvt..another xtvt yg ammar suka sbb colourful

Increase understanding berkenaan dengan UP and DOWN!
Kids will learn and catch up the word "UP, DOWN"  dan kerana itu saya encourage mommies untuk ucapkan word 'UP and DOWN' kepada anak-anak.
They will learn the differences between UP, DOWN and Opposite Word at the same time!
Well sebenarnya ada xtvt lain involved like sing a songs, play with musical instruments, fingers painting xtvts and the best part was chicken dance with costume..ammar pakai costume chicken btw..mmg sgt super duper cute but sadly...battery is out (T_T)..I felt like banging myself to the just show how dissapointed I was (T_T) *nangis kuar airmata darah* 

Overall, daya focus Ammar it just like a nano seconds..only 2 xtvt excited him (1) bubble play (2) parachute..the rest dia byk main panjat2 kerusi meja, trying to gigit other kids *dia akan buat mcm ni bile ter over excited sighh* n tolong teacher munira kemas kelas (-________-)" another long sigghhh...

but one more time..What do you expect from ONE YEAR OLD KID right??? like teacher munira said boys will be is a ghood thing ammar is is hyper rather than lembik je xnak wat apa2..I guess thats right...I'm not going to send Ammar to another playgroup let say for another 6 months...Ammar can play with me for a while hehhee..bila dia dah boleh bercakap dgn lancar n can listen to instruction I'll definitely send him to another playgroup....Ammar lets play together with mummy\\(^_^)//

p/s- from my observation on that day * doctor plak* between boys n girls mmg byk beza dari segi kelasakan...I tgk babygirl yg lain xdelah hyper mcm my boy..the girls listen to instructions while the boys keen to do otherwise hahaha

more info: click here


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  1. seronok tgk gambar ammar main-main..hepy :)



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