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Saturday, May 28, 2011


Well..there is so much I wanna do today no no..I have to do today!!! Ammar's bday celebration is my priority TODAY's going to be held at A&W Setiawangsa at 5pm later...Only relatives and close friends are invited because of the place is not like dewan or sthing..tpt tu kecik je so only few ppl I can invite plus I ni bukan kaya mana nak ajak satu kampung just semata2 utk bday party rite?? exactly? bukan wedding Ammar pun...goodies bag pun dah isi mlm tadi..I rasa sgt excited mcm zaman2 nak kawen dl hahaha..padahal bday je kot..maybe I'm super duper excited to celeb my son 1st bay...can't believe that he is 1 year old..dah besar dah anak mummy...Will story bout that later...can't wait to see my close friends n their kids ptg ni..they're promised to come and make sure u guys coming tau!!! and my relatives dari kmpg pun akan dtg jgk so ammar going to be super duper happy this evening with lots of friends...ammar mmg suka org ramai2 ni...dia akan jadi sgt excited hopefully...bday party tu akan berjalan smoothly...amin....Ammar...WE LOVE U SO MUCH


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