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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy 1st B'day to my little hero

How time little baby not so little baby anymore tsk tsk...he is officially 1 year old yesterday....I was not feeling well yesterday huhu how ironic I was sick on his bday huhu (T_T) had to send him to babysitter so that I can get rest..kalau si kenit tu ada mmg xdptlah nak rest *nak2 pas mkn ubat yg doc bg ni mmg ngantuk jek* can't belive that he is 1 year old already...rasa macam baru semlam je lahirkan dia...sakit contraction macam terasa2 lagi hikhik....well, ramai dah tanya bila nak tambah lagi??? and my answer is always insya'allah kalau ada rezeki...macamlah ada anak ni macam order baju dalam catalog...yes..exactly!!! ammar pun baru setahun so let him enjoy being the centre of attraction first (^_^)..

1 day old
1 year old

How cheeky he looks now, lets see..

  • can walk and run more steadily
  • likes to eat anything including fruits n vegies - not a picky eater
  • can utter 'Papa' and 'Mama' and the latest word is 'Nak'
  • point to the door if he wants to go out
  • If somebody ask who is ammar? he will raise his hand
  • like to bite people huhu (T_T) using his 6 teeths
  • kalau nampak sikat terus nak comb his hair hehehe-so cute
  • suka buat budak yg lagi kecik dari dia - huhu lambat lagilah dia nak beradik camni
  • like to test his own voice - suka sgt menjerit2
  • so attach to laungan azan -if dgr azan kalau dia tgh nangis terus stop crying or if he do something terus stop n mulut ternganga dgr je azan tu sampai abis
  • hobi terbaru adalah koyak2kan buku or magazines Mummy..(T_T)
  • his fav cartoon still Upin & Ipin
  • will knock his head using his hands kalau nak ajak mandi hahaha-dont know where he gets the idea from huhu
    That's all i can think off so far...Can't wait for his bday bash about that later...ciao
    p/s- Mummy n papa doakan ammar agar sihat sentiasa, membesar jadi seorang yg bijak, berbudi bahasa n selalu mendgr kata...We love u so much

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