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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

1 more month to turn 1...

Let's see what this 11-months old can do so far:
  • Can walk but 'like a baby crab' hahaha
  • Chew and eat solid food of his own - tanpa I blend sbb Ammar dah xsuka sgt mkn his food yg dah blend so I cut into tiny pieces spy dia x tercekik..
  • His favourite are vegetables and I am thankful coz xdelah payah cam org len yg nak bg anak2 mkn vege coz ammar loves them..I usually give him brocolli,carrot and fruits seme pun I bagi hehe
  • 5 teeths
  • Weight around 9 kg ++ the last time weight session is 9.3kg
  • Wearing diapers L size
  • Still throw tantrum whenever he wants (-_-)' sigh
  • Shakes his head no when he doesn't want to be fed anymore or sometimes just tolak je his bowl aside
  • Can clap both of his hands together..clap clap clap whenever he's happy
  • Like to watch cartoons esp Upin and Ipin and Mickey Mouse and High 5
  • Sleeps around 9pm  and naps 2 to 3 times during the day (depends s/times sekali je nap)
  • Likes to test the gravity by dropping things from his baby cot to outside
  • Responds to his own name
  • Cries whenever Papa out from his side
  • Still geng dgn Papa - all credits dpt kat Papa eventho Mummy yg gemuk xkurus2 lagik ni huhu

all d pics was taken last week masa nak pi MPH Bukit Raja,Klang sbb nak attend MPH Member's Day..dpt 20% discount best2...


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