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Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm soo pissed when...

I'm list down 20...

MY TOP 20  * there is a lot more tho (-_-)' sigh*
  1. Someone call me in the middle of the night about nothing important (@_@)
  2. Drive behind so called slow driver that  drive 40km per mile n ada hati pulak jalan sebelah kanan *nak mkn angin pi kirilah wei*
  3. People misunderstood my post on FB wall..*u could simply ask first b4 u give judgement*
  4. Students who always coming late to my class and pull a face when I asked why!!! *u know who u are*
  5. Students who being rude to me n even worse never apologize later
  6. Students who always submit my works not on time and give stupid reason *I'm not born yesterday u know*
  7. Bought the new blouse without trying and it didn't fit my size huhu
  8. The ATM machine swallowed my card on my salary day..
  9. The ATM machine is out of order when it is my turn...
  10. No parking space even  after 30minutes searching for it (T_T)
  11. People blaming me on something I didn't do
  12. I try to reach someone for something urgent but the person didn't pick up
  13. Heard someone talking about me behind my back..
  14. My hubby forget to wish my birthday or our anniversary ...ggrrrrr...denda b..
  15. Got a call from my long lost friend to meet up n when I was sooo excited to see her dia bawak pulak her leader yg pujuk2 I masuk MLM dia.....ggrrrrr...tension!! *ingat jumpa sbb rindu, rupa2nya nak jual brg huhuhu* 
  16. Continuously getting message from my so called friend yg suka offer masuk MLM dia hoh!...*read my lips: I DONT WANT IT!!!*
  17. People like to brag about themselves
  18. People who like to suck up the superior...
  19. I am soo late for really important meeting but traffic jammed are everywhere huhu
  20. People who like to 'potong q' esp on the road...ggrrrrr..  


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