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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Preparation to the mommies world \\(^_^)//

Hi all..a few of my bff are expecting to have 1st baby soon *so happy for u babes - big grin hehehe u know who u are okeh precise: mama mel and mama abby plzz take note(^_^)v* Okay.. I know for the first timer..all of u are so excited n sometimes you are going to be overboard in buying things n stuff for ur lil''s normal huhu (T_T) parents we want to give the best things that that we can afford right??? It's nothing wrong with that it just sometimes it will turn out to be soooo M.E.M.B.A.Z.I.R *penekanan di situ*...ada baju yg xpernah pakai sbb terlupa-because u bought too many you lose count!!! 
ehem..speaking to myself also (T_T) that's why I dont want you to repeat the same mistakes again...Things you should buy and why:

  1. Anmum/Enfamama Milk Stock -it's good for mama yg nak bykkan stok susu 4 ur baby
  2. Stretch Mark Oil(Bio-Oil)-it works utk hilangkan ur itchiness
  3. Maternity Pad/Your regular pad - as for me I used the regular pad bukan maternity sbb rasanya membazir beli byk2 n nanti xpakai dah...if u nak beli jgk then jgn beli byk sgt..i bought pad yg biasa kite guna masa period tuh n x abis pakai time confinement blh guna time period x membazir..maternity pad sgt bulky x sesuai pakai time period
  4. Breast Pump Manual/Electric/battery -any brand fine but medela it's the best i heard..i guna jenama pureen je pun dah ok dah...only buy medela/any brand yg expensive  if u really serious to breastfeeding(bf) ur baby..kalau x membazir..but please bf ur baby!!!! biar baby dpt semua zat
  5. Nursing Bra
  6. Nipple Sore Cream- i recommend medela..u can get this at any pharmacies- it is a MUST BUY ITEM..sbb for first timer..kite x biasa bf baby lagik so nipple akan jadi sore n nanti xselesa nak bf ur baby
  7. Breast Pad
  8. Confinement Set- i used mustika ratu set n mkn jamu yg bidan sediakan but u can try NR products or any brand that suit u..
  9. Herbs - if u like and sanggup mkn baru beli kalau x membazir


  1. Bottle and Nipple brush
  2. Warmer Bag
  3. Anti-Colic Feeding Bottle - I prefer Avent sbb brand ni senang nak cari in any leading store..nak tukar teat nanti sng kat JJ ada for me I sll tggu JJ wat diskaun 20% then baru beli heheh -DO NOT BUY NUK sbb teat dia air mengalir terlalu laju nanti baby tersedak (based on my exp la) kalau nak beli xpe...
  4. Milk Bottle/storage for breast milk - byk dah jual..carik yg plg inexpensive xpayah carik mahal sgt sbb kualiti sama..believe my words
  5. Bottles  Cleanser - I'm using Pureen tp if nak guna other product pun ok..just jgn guna usual sabun basuh pinggan mangkuk tuh
  6. Mittens and booties  
  7. Baby napkins
  8. Nappy liners 
  9. Laundry detergent - go to any brand..ok je
  10. CD- Cloth Diaper - but try pakaikan after ur baby dah x poop yg kuar hitam2 tuh kalau x jenuh nak basuh tau..xtau what is CD then u can google...xpun check my previous post
  11. Face Towel
  12. Towel and Handkerchief
  13. Blanket
  14. Pillow and Bolster 
  15. Newborn Clothes - not too many mind u..belilah baju yg newborn dlm 10 helai je n the rest beli baju saiz 0-6months n 6-12months campur2 tp newborn  nyer saiz jgn beli byk2 because ur baby akan membesar dgn sgt cepat so baju sbb shrink sbb ur baby dah bambam too fast
  16. Nappy Rash Cream
  17. Nose Cleaner
  18. Wet Tissue - is a MUST BUY me!!! terutama time awal2 newborn tuh sbb baby akan berak colour hitam pekat likat tuh but dont worry no smell at wet tissue sgt berguna nak cuci montot baby hehehe
  19. Baby Nail Clipper - any brand..I bought mothercare brand
  20. Baby lotion
  21. Baby oil
  22. Ointment/minyak telon
  23. Baby Shampoo
  24. Baby Bath
  25. Mosquito repellent - kalau rumah byk nyamuk
  26. Baby powder 
  27. Cotton wool - beli satu cukup..
  28. Digital thermometer
  29. Disposable Newborn Diapers - jgn beli byk sgt..beli dlm satu beg je yg kuantiti ada 30 tuh
  30. Baby Travelling bag
  31. Bouncer - I bought Fisher Price newborn to toddler..sgt berguna until now w/pon a bit pricey
  32. Mosquitoes Netting - kalau rumah byk nyamuk
  33. Changing Mat - sgt berguna

(depending on your budget n your baby's need)

  1. Walker 
  2. Stroller
  3. Play pen 
  4. Play Mat 
  5. Baby Cot 
  6. High dining chair
  7. Baby bath tub
  8. Potty Trainer Seat 
  9. Car Seat 
  10. Teether 
  11. Educational Books,DVD's and Toys
* to be cont*


  1. great tips! nanti boleh la pakai... thanks... :D

  2. ok..i'm glad i can help hehehe..



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