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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Which one is yours???

Life is moving fast when we enjoy it.
But life feels like forever when we despise it.

The quote that I got online *4get where I found it* it is so TRUE...

Now..I think my life moving really slow at work but kalau kat rumah..main2 dgn my son I feel like the time is moving so damn fast hukhuk (T_T)

Mungkinkah saya x suka berada di tpt keje, tpt sy mencari rezeki??? Persoalannya..mengapakah??? Here I made a list why  (I can think of):
1) kena tggalkan anak kat umah pengasuh..sgt sedih bila pagi2 dah kena tggal kat umah org n nak2 lagi kalau dia nangis nak ikut huhuhu *kalau kaya mmg xnak keje dah, duk umah jaga anak*

2) jarak jauh from my home to workplace..30 minutes drive hukhuk...wake up early hua!!! babai masa tdo ku...
3) the place still feel awkward to me..mcm tpt org lain not my place..feel like i dont belongs here (T_T)

4) it's weird coz at work I been surrounded by lots of people but I feel alone...mengapakah i feel this way?

Dear Allah..please open my heart to accept destiny that u created 4 me...There must be hikmah behind all of this...amin..



  1. biase la tu yana...bile Allah bagi apa yg kite nak...Allah uji satu benda len lak....
    paper pun kena Lillahita'ala

  2. salam. its been awhile.. i think u need time to adapt to new workplace. u're good at starting conversation n make other people feels cheerful. u're feeling awkward mebi becoz u haven't find someone to 'talk' to. to talk more than juz WORK. mebi. chaiyokkk34x. kak yana relek k.. minda tu pon asek risaukn ammar jer, mcm mn hati nk tenang..??? wish u all da best!!



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