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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tutti Frutti

I never keen on any yoghurt products(except for Bliss yoghurt drink mind u!!) n now Tutti frutti definitely on my top list of yoghurt that I like...i tried it last week with my hubby after had early dinner at nando's(yummy!!) then we strolled ammar around Sunway Pyramid n hubby saw this shop "Tutti frutti'..we dont know what they are selling but I saw frozen yoghurt..yucks definitely on my mind at that moment coz I dont like yoghurt but hubby persuade me to try coz it looks so delicious n yummy after we saw lot of people ate that. it looks like icecream so anyway I just grab the smallest cup ~ they only have 2 cups anyway..They have a machine like ice cream n you can choose any flavours u like..They are plenty..n we choose chocolate n vanilla(my fav) n the best part is u can choose any toppings that u like..They have varieties..from fruits to oreo, chocolate chips n etc...I just scooped bananas(my fav), kiwi(hubby's fav) n add more flavour..I also add choco chips..The price??? Well..dont be fool by the price they stated there RM5.30 for 100grams...we went overboard with the stuff we put into the cup n it cost us RM19.60...I know it is expensive just for a cup of yoghurt but really the taste is worth the money..It didnt taste like the real yoghurt in the market mind u...taste like ice cream but less sugar..and it also have all the benefits that u can get from a HERE for more info why u should eat tutti frutti...Now, after taste it I longing for tutti frutti everyday..I check the website n other branches in KL near my house is at Times Square..I want it so badly that everyday I remind hubby to take me there lets Tutti Frutti everyone!!!

the place

self service machine


lets tutti frutti...

P/S- I should ask for the loyalty sbb promote diz place huhuhu


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