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Friday, November 5, 2010

Be the movement Charity Walk 2010

Last sunday 30th Oct, my hubby, me n my aunty went to Putrajaya to join this exciting event.. Even I have to drag my two legs n fatty butt to the finish line but I can proudly said I DID IT..we talking about 5km not 5meter here k!!! So proud of myself hahaha (^_^)..Enjoy d pix peeps..Lets the pics do the talking here...

 we are here..

 senaman sebelum xtvt berjalan sejauh 5km

 at starting point

 we are hoping to be the bestest parents on earth..insya'allah

 errr...kanak2 kurang upaya riang

 bukti dah sampai check point..dpt bracelet
hentam je main..

sudah kepenatan ketika ni..

garisan penamat hampir tiba..semangat!!!
p/s- nanti mummy upload..ada sikit prob dgn uploader neh
yes...berjaya di upload!!!...

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