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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mummy wishes..

The list that mummy wish to get...

1) Have a body n legs like a supermodel (it's too much to wish for..I know)

2) Can squeeze in size 27 jeans (yeah, yeah I know I'm obses with size 27 n it is because ages ago I bought this really expensive jeans brand Guess that I no longer can wear huhu..and its size 27)  dulu blh pakai now..nak muat peha sebelah pun x sad.. (T_T)

3) Can transfer my fat via bluetooth utk org2 yg nampak cam mangsa kebuluran ~ shimm n amoi adalah org itu (*_^)

4) Can eat all u can but still didn't gain a pound tsk tsk

5) Don't have to drag myself to exercise but still look gorgeous (like going to the gym everyday~if u know wat i mean)

6) Have a flawless skin + pimple free + cellulite free etc

7) Have a great my hair look so awful sbb byk gugur after delivered ni mcm org ada penyakit (T_T)

8) No longer to cover my face with foundation + powder before going out (I don't have picture perfect face okeh)

9) Allergic free skin ~ now mummy kena allergic naik bintik2 merah kalau berada kat tpt yg panas huhu puteri lilin betul kan..

10) Still okay even after 5hours standing with my stilettos/high heels

P/s- Please Allah grand my wish..amin.. 

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