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Thursday, November 4, 2010

4th day and still standing..

As u guys already know. Today is my 4th day joining d Biggest Loser huhu..well atleast i started my exercise regime in my way. Jogging n power walking for 1 hour everyday without fail. The pain is so much sometimes i think i want to stop but the tendency n desire to be super slim (haha.. its a joke rite..i know i know)..My body started to feel d shock after all the fats that i've been collecting in these 2 years..Where the hell i put so much weight huhu (T_T)..I used to be okay person..Well atleast that's what the weight machine told me after my weight session.."You are Okay"..yippee!! another slice of cake for me pleasee..but now the damn n not so friendly machine been shouting "You are fat"..Like hello..u shouldnt be shouting n let everybody knew my weight..huhu..I hate u damn machine..I want to destroy but the CC TV are everywhere huhuhu..

Well..anyway..I started my food diary..the diary that i kept all the foods i consumed everyday so my plan is to weight my self everyweek and see how it goes. If my weight still static that means I have to change my diet and my exercise regime because according to what i read on the net..metabolisme important for u to lose weight.Click here for more details on metabolisme. The more you aged the more ur metabolisme will drop..Scarry huh!! I am in my late 20's and just given birth 6 monts ago and I can feel that I'm not fit at all..Even 1km walk can make me breath for air..I mean walk not run..If run..sure I will be put in ambulance after that huhu..I need to do something so that I can get my healthy life back before it's too late..

Lets be healthy everyone \\(^_^)//


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