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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Why I feel annoy to teach today!!!

I have this feeling after woke up this morning..its really irritated me actually but the feeling wont go away huhuuhu(T_T)...Right now I'm in d middle of my class..I gave them something to do and they will present in class after that (I always do that when I'm too lazy to teach)..and please questions TODAY!!! You annoy me so much but you didn't do anything actually..It's not your fault..Please forgive me...It's my own fault but the feeling still there somewhere in my brain..I can't stop thinking even when I'm writing this(mind u!!!)....Where is my passion to teach?? Gone with d wind I guess....I know deep down inside I love teaching profession so much..I love sharing the knowledge with people..I love when students acknowledge me..appreciate my effort in class etc..tskk..tskk...Some people were born to teach and I believe I am one of them (when I was little I always play cikgu-cikgu n I was the teacher, always a teacher even at dat time x reti baca pun lagi) ..Teaching is in my blood..I know it..I can feel it tho...But today???? Why I feel this???...Help me Allah..Please make this feeling go away...Hope tomorrow will be better than today but is there will be tomorrow for me???? I wonder.....



  1. bese la tuh kak... kadang2 mood mengajar xde.. apa yg student dah buat sampai akak rasa nnoy giler nih? eheh.. jgn bertukar jd mak tiri godzilla dah ler.. ihiiii.. (^_^)

  2. akak dah berubah menjadi makhluk hijau pun pada hari kejadian neh huhuhuu...nasib bek skrg dah ok sket



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