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Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy 1st Anniversary

Yes..the day has reach today. Today is our 1st time this past years, there was so many I would like to do as a wife n new mum to my baby boy ammar but unfortunately i can't due to my condition (being away from my loved one of course) Can't believe that our marriage is now reach 1st..still have years ahead of us..lots of people have been asking me about our long distant i managed to survive. I can't give u the answers peeps..Simply because I dont know how I managed all this..Yes..I cried over d pillow at night (when people cannot see me). n hubby argued  (who never done that, I respect u guys) is not enough ~ sometimes I have to choose between shoes n fill up my fuel to go back to KL(of course I choose shoes going home) but the truth takes lot of sacrifices + understanding +  times + money(of course ~ for travelling expenses) to make this relationship works...It is not an easy task..only people who had been in my shoes know how I feel at this very moment..I hate get used to hear people said they understand me n my feelings n blablabla...but their attitude show they not even care....Humans....The only thing that I prayed so much this past years only to be with my husband n family n now my beloved son Ammar...but maybe Allah has other plans for me in the future...Last week, I really had my mental breakdown or something like that..I felt so alone, so alianated, so empty eventhough I been surrounded by my friends...I need strenght Allah..please give me strenght to live..Allah granted my wish n now I'm happily live my life n I just want 2 go with d flow..Thank u to my dearest bestfriend/hubby  Mohd Faizuri Ibrahim for being such a good husband that you can be..I can't never went thru all diz without ur support n love...plz forgive me of not being such a good n obedient wife..but I will try 2 do my best to be one...Lets hope n pray 4 the best for our life 2 gether...


  1. blum terlambat lagik rasanya....
    selamat ulangtahun perkahwinan yg pertama, yana n fai. semoga Allah memberkati kalian sekeluarga. tahniah! sy tumpang gumbira tengok awk gumbira :-)
    dan tahniah juga utk ammar yg comelll...
    jauh atau dekat....yg penting hati mau kuat dan tabah ;-)

  2. yes...i believe that "hanya yang tabah sahaja yang akan berjaya"

    insya'allah saya akan jadi org yg tabah mengharungi apa shj dugaan..yes..i will do it 4 ammar

  3. p/s- tq mekta 4 d gift..x sangka anniversary pun dpt hadiah hehehe...yummylicious kan chocs maniac LOL

  4. hahaha....hadiah pun tak sempat nak balut. tak dpt nak sambut anniversary diri sendiri, so, sy bg hadiah utk anniversary org lain lah :-)
    yang penting, awk gembira yana oittt~

  5. saya sangat gumbira dpt hadiah..apa2 pun x kesah but coklat lagi double sukalah kan...



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