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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

dedicated to my husband

Xtau knp..lately aku agak cepat naik angin n marah2..n yg sll jadi mangsa adalah sorry ek...i know u read my blog..n if u read diz..plz accept my apology!! kadang2 apa yg sang hubby ckp even dia main2 pun i will treat them as serious n i will pull a face n merajuk cam bebudak je even b4 diz mmg sgt jarang merajuk tu..whats wrong with me?? i will blame my hormone 4 diz...mmg its so easy to blame hormone but manusia kan ada akal..maybe i didnt use my brain to often nowadays..i dont know..but s/times hubby can be so annoying too(sorry 4 saying diz hunnybunny)...maybe u still cant adapt of the preggy environment..lebih2 time mood swing i melanda or time i really need ur attention but u're not there or u were there but u r too busy 2 look at me(really look at me) n cared 4 my needs..i know its not fair for me 2 say diz..sorry dear..i know u love me n i love u so much too but stimes ur ignorant is killing me..esp this time..i dah start swelling feet n my back is really killing me n i find it really hard 2 sleep at night..cant wait for this baby to pop out soon..its hard 2 be alone here!!! plz understand me more..i really need u....n i'm sorry i'm not really a good n obedient wife 2 u..but believe me i am trying my best to be one...i love u n miss u n i need u so much...sorry for being such an emotional freak nowadays..

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  1. " Kadang-kadang ALLAH sembunyikan matahari, DIA datangkan hujan petir. Kita bersedih dan tertanya tanya ke mana hilangnya matahari, rupa-rupanya Allah nak hadiahkan kita pelangi yang indah. "

    ALLAH berikan kita kesusahan dan rintangan sebab DIA nak berikan kesenangan sekiranya kita tabah dan terus berusaha...."

    memang susah awak dok jauh...walaupun saya kadang2 simpati tp saya tau awak kuat...cuma kat dalam ati awak hanya Allah je tau kn....
    tp percayalah semua yang berlaku ada hikmah. InsyaAllah

    sy ada baca satu buku..tajuk die...."men are from mars women are from venus"

    dalam buku tu ckp..

    1. women all over the world complain that "he doesnt understand", "he doesnt listen", "only time he touches me is when he wants sex" and men all over the world complain that "She doesn't want to have enough of sex." (Unless the woman is around 37 years. At this magical age women want more of sex than ever before.)

    2.Women like affection from men much more than sex. They want to be hugged.

    3. 90% of women go into therapy because they want to be listened to. They want to be asked questions. They want to feel special. Men hate to be questioned. If men want to talk they'll talk. If they don't want to talk they won't. When a man is locked in his cave, the woman thinks that something is wrong with him and goes in and asks questions. This is a wrong move for the woman to make. Men hate to be interrogated.

    4. When a woman touches a man she may want to be cuddled. But for a man anywhere he is touched leads to Rome and he thinks therefore that it has to lead to sex.



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