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Saturday, April 10, 2010


During my pregnancy i dont really have sthing that i craving for..i can eat almost everything hehe...(no wonder i look so fat!!) dont know how to lose the extra weight after confinement huhu....but out of all the foods that i can eat during preggy..these are my fav

 beef steak~yummy

 nasi dagang~but its so hard to find the nice one here...i really like my MIL's nasi dagang

nasi padang~i'm hungry just look at diz pic-my fav: daging dendeng n sambal hijau tu..yummy

 chicken chop~my fav so far at diz small stall@kg.pandan-so delicious n it only cost RM6.50(can u imagine how cheap it is) n it tastes better than any fancy restaurant i ate before

kebab~my fav at kyros kebab..yumm..yumm

Cheeze choc@secret recipe~i can eat it almost everyday(seriously!)

cakes@secret recipes~i want them now

So...picture speaks a thousand words right!!!....i guess thats why i'm ballooning during my pregnancy...HELP...


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