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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Yeay!!..I'll be away even for awhile but still happy..starting from tomorrow until next week..want to spend a good quality time with hubby dearie...almost 2 weeks xjumpa because last 2 weeks hubby sgt busy dgn program kat sekolah..urus sana sini tp wifey dia xdpt urus huhuu...its ok hubby..we have a long talk last night via video call(thank God for technology nowadays)..i will understand ur work more aftyer diz..dont count too much on that tho but i will try my best...i have 2 go n pray first coz after diz nak drive jauh blk KL..dgn keadaan fizikal skrg ni mmg agak susah nak drive dlm j/masa yg lama tapi sebab nak jumpa hubby so much..insya'allah xde apa2...hubby insisted to come n pick me here but xbg dia dtg..nanti my car Mr.Black Ryder tersadai je kat cni..cian dia kesejukan hehehe...wish for a good quality time with my hubby..doa2kan saya..till then..chiao everyone


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