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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The 5 things

5 things in my bag:
- my wallet-leather wallet from Indonesia(my mama bought in  
- vitamins for my preggy, tissues
- pens(different colours),marker pens~i'm a teacher(need that so  
- my handphone~pinky sony ericsson
- lipgloss n lipsticks

5 things in my wallet:
- IC, driver's license, ATM cards, Point cards
- Membership cards
- photos of me and hubby plus photo of my parents
- discount cards
- some cash n coins huhuhu

5 favourite things in my bedroom(at mom's place)
- my cosy bedliners
- my queen-sized bed
- my piles of mags
- pic frame of me n hubby(masa time kawen aritu)
- my lots n lots of pillow..beshnya peluk bantal tp hubby selalu rebut my bantal peluk~sgt geram...xsuka share my bantal peluk even dgn hubby sendiri heheh..sgt terukkan!!!!

5 things I wish to do :
- bake cheese lately da agak malas nak wat cake
- go have a real vacation with my hubby
- get rid of my stretch marks during preggy ni...hari2 sapu bio-oil but it doesnt work wonder on me..any suggestion???
- pamper myself with spa and facials and pedicure and manicure. last time went to spa masa nak kawen dulu...arghhh..sgt heaven
- eat n drink anything chocolatey..i need now..huuh

5 things I’m doing now :
- Facebook-ing.
- Chatting with my bff from skool
- Snacking~bad for baby but couldnt resist it heheh
- Checking my emails~lot of junks
- Doing this survey, of course

5 people I would like to tag:
- Cik Kenanga
- Azza
- Syedafauzi
- Cempaka Sari
- Hunnybunny


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