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Friday, October 16, 2009

same ol' same ol' hubby away for courses this weekend so i'm not goin 2 meet him diz week sob..sob..dahlah selalu berjauhan n weekend supposed 2 be our time 2gether but wat can i do...he has work n so i have 2 be  a very understanding n supportive wife...i'm goin 2 miss him so work as usual..

stimes i feel like im on d top of d world n stimes feel like boring as usual 2 live such a routine life..i just wanna go n explore d world but time is killing me n so many other people out there i think...i woke up everyday go 2 work n dis routine keep repeating everyday but i should be grateful i think because atleast i have life...dont u stimes feel like u wanna go n do sthing wild imagination is juz like well....heheh i tell my hubby once n he thought i am crazy..heheh..

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