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Thursday, December 13, 2012

My Last day

Tomorrow going to be my last day at work before having long vacation..yeay!! but a lot of works still not settle down huhu..byknye keje nak buat in so little time so today n tomorrow I stay up kat tpt keje to finish all dat..insya'allah dpt siapkan semua keje n kepala pon x serabut for holiday ni..kalau x nanti ada je org akan call tanya itu ini huhu...well baby still safe n sound in my tummy..xde tanda2 nak kuar awal except lately dah start rasa sakit pinggang n contraction yg manja2 tuh..braxton hicks s/thing...hopefully, I'm capable of finishing all my works!! byk2 keje sempat gak ko update ye kat blog mana keje nak siapkan hehehe ;p..ok bye for now...muah!! doakan I selamat deliver a healthy baby...chow...


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