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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Yess....done purchased the mattress of my dream!! At last, we found Vono in Sg.Besar during lunch just now

Ergo Bed 800 Plus minus the bed frame

It cost us more than 1k mind u..terover budget 200...Thanks to hubby coz he is such a great bargainer...mmg muka tembok sgt..dari harga RM1899 terus dapat RM1200 after lots of bargaining+persuading+sweet talk...I'm not good in that area..Thanks hubby!! so lagi RM200 tu kena pocket from my purse la nampaknya -____-"...but as long as my dreams come true..nothing else matter even I have to fork it from my emergency account..nak tdo lena punya pasal

hopefully my posture will be like Maya Karin kuikuikui

But we didn't buy it because of Maya Karin is the miss ambassador mind u...We bought it coz I heard really good review from all my aunties,uncles, friends n even  my parents yg sgt puji this product...btw it gets 15years warranty..we'll see if this mattress last long enough...

Cant wait to sleep tonight Zzzzzz

p/s- need to change bedsheet n stuff...cepatlah kul 5pm nak blk tido ;p


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