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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

backache argghh..

What I really need now is a good rest on comfy bed..but the mattress at home sweet home not so comfy anymore huhu (T_T) *tulah padahnya nak jimat n bought the cheap stuff ttssskkk* The back pain is killing suggestion other than been sad and cry is to buy new to hubby about this n he agrees to buy the new one!! Yesterday, with my ballooning tummy n friend in mission *TQ to anim sudi teman* we went to several shops in Sg.Besar to check out the price n quality n made comparison...I read it somewhere that the good quality mattress is important in ur life coz as human being we spent 1/3 of our daily life good quality n comfy mattress is very important so dat u will get a good night rest n wake up in the morning feeling fresh n ready to face the world...My mom suggested me Vono coz she's using one now n no complaint but I search high n low for that brand around K.Sgor, Tg.Karang, Sekinchan, Sg.Besar but nothing to my liking (T_T) if ada pon model yg xbrp best to there are few options that I can choose from other budget is not more than 1k but I need the mattress plush top+pocket spring+more than 10'' coz that sounds nice on my back bones..nak best2 tp less than 1k boleh gitu??? I'll have lunch date with mr.h this afternoon in Sg.Besar n after dat I'll show to him all the mattress yg I dah cekidaut yesterday...see if he approves then terus purchase kot...xnak tunggu2 dah sbb I need my BEAUTY SLEEP ASAP...Like tonight!!! Finger cross hubby ckp Yes then blh suh tokey kedai deliver kat rumah terus...amin..


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