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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Taking care of your Teeth (^_^)

I believe that some people spend more money on beauty and skin care products while ignoring about their teeth although oral care doesn’t use a lot of money *except for serious cases*. Ignoring to take care of your teeth will result in cavities and unhealthy gums which will make your mouth sore and painful. You will feel the pain while eating and tend not to smile so much after that and your mood will definitely swing 360 degrees *dont u agree?* having sore teeth will result you wont have any mood to do anything...

You need to take care of your teeth no matter what is your age. Taking care of your teeth is important as you need teeth for smiling, talking and laughing with others. A healthy smile is a bonus for a person at any age. Strong and healthy teeth help you to chew the right foods to help you grow help you to speak clearly. And of course, nice teeth help you to look best. Just imagine yourself without front teeth..You'll look at least 10 years older than your real age is...huhu scarry!!!

I am thankful..eventho I dont have the celebrity teeth(straight n so white) - my teeth are not picture perfect but so far they are healthy *I never have any gums and teeth probs and I x pernah cabut or tampal gigi so far* In fact you can avoid all of these problems by taking care of your teeth. 

picture perfect teeth...

 my teeth ~ eventho not so picture perfect but I do like to flash it whenever people took pix of me tehehe.. 

Let’s see some of the following tips on how to take care of your teeth - my style hehehe

The first thing to do is getting a good toothbrush. Use the right toothbrush to avoid any negative effects on your teeth so choose the one which is suitable with you..I'm using Oral B -medium just perfect to me coz the brush not too hard and too soft for my liking. Brush at least twice a day and floss once a day. Flossing is important for your gums..I usually buy any brands that cheap Oral B or Watson etc..Dont worry, floss is cheap, around RM10 per piece and one floss can long at least 2-3 months *depends on how often you use*. I add my routine with Listerine mouthwash
 my fav brand
Brush your teeth in the morning in the evening, at least. Remember that you don’t need a lot of toothpaste when brushing your teeth so just squeeze out a bit and start brushing. Buy toothpaste that contains fluoride where fluoride can help your teeth to be strong and protects them from cavities. My fav brand is Colgate Total. Definitely worth buying eventho the price is lil bit expensive compared to other brands in the market.

Brush and floss your teeth with regularity and make it as a frequent habit. Visit your dentist regularly for dental checkup at least twice a year but in my case I visit the dentist only once a year hehe.. Getting advice from health professionals can make you confident on your habit including taking care of your teeth. Several procedures such as cleaning might be involved in a session with the dentist. Eat a well-balanced diet and quit smoking where smoking increases the risk for gum disease and other health problems.

Involving your children about taking care of their teeth is a wise act. Start your children at a young age and set their habits early as soon as possible. Let them see your daily habit of taking care of your teeth and make sure they follow you to do the same thing. Like in my case, I started introduce my Ammar to brush his teeth at such an early age - 8 months *when he started tumbuh gigi*..At first it quite hard to made him brush his teeth but later on after lots of effort, now I can easily made him brush his teeth.. There are few tricks I learn from my mom, aunties and friends..One of them is that you have to brush your teeth in front of your kid so that he/she will follow what you do..Kids like to copycat-remember that!! It took me the whole months just to made my Ammar brush his hari2 I akan gosok gigi depan dia..and after almost a month then baru dia nak open his mouth n let me do the brushing part..phewww!!! so parents, if your kids dont want to brush teeth, why dont you do the tip I gave you..might be working to ur kid v(^_^)v

Remember that it is never too late to start so act now before you regret of facing a lot of problems regarding to your teeth later on...*esp on goverment servant (teachers/lecturers) who signed utk pencen at the age 60 -jgn nanti gigi seme dah tanggal bila nak tiba pencen~malu weh nak ngajar depan student tp gigi rongak* hehehe

p/s- Dentist should be my top cita-cita masa sekolah dulu kan?? but now it's too late..(T_T)

One of my bad habit antara old habit never dies I adalah merenung pada gigi org semasa dat person sedang bercakap hahaha - mcm xde keje lain nak buat lol v(^_*)v n so far I suka sgt gigi my friend masa sekolah dulu..sgt cantik teratur kecil2 jek n putih berseri..dulu selalu berangan nak gigi mcm tuh jugak hahaahha...but be thankful on what you get kannn???


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