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Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We had so much fun on Christmast playing snow n all...the weather so cold I felt numb all over my fingers huhu...berangan x kena bayar kan??? kuikuikui....watever, yes we did have so much fun on Christmast coz me,mr.h + ammar n d whole family, ayah, mama,aunty n my siblings went to Cameron highlands *it is cold here* so celeb christmast la feeling2 oversea hehehe..eventho the traffic jammed are something I dont crazy about huhu hey it expected during the festive season..pergi mana2 pun jammed but we were so lucky coz my father knew how to plan our road trip so we all xdelah stuck kat jammed sgt yeay!! the pictures all in the camera, n the battery died..I need few hours to recharge it so for the time being no pix but get to u back later vacay is so much fun..we should do it as our yearly activities n next year there is few suggestions but we trying to avoid cold places coz cold n me is never going to click hehehe..I dont really fancy cold place pull peeps, u all buat apa masa cuti christmast? i bet u guys had so much fun with ur love one kan...tell me bout it....


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