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Monday, October 10, 2011

Belated Bday September...

Happy Belated birthday to my lil beautiful cousins Aisya,Aina & Aimy n also to my big bro that we call Abang..btw, Abang and Aimy shared the same bday 30 September...sorang umur 31 n d lil one baru 2 years old...Pizza were sponsored by Auntyma,KFC sponsored by mama n BR cake was sponsored by Abang...Makan sampai sendat perut hhhuhu (T_T) diet aku??? (T_T) huaaa...

three siblings that share the same nice huh..pandai ibubapa mereka planning hehehe

with their mom dat I call 'Auntyma'

Happy Bday September..*abang yg muka x boleh blah tgh practice jaga anak sendirik hehehe*

Berangan ada anak gegirl hikss

Pizza yg dah nak abis baru ingat snap..

 BR cake yg sgt yummy

damn..i look peknen!!*I blame on the lighting*

Steps on how to eat your KFC drumsticks by Ammar  hehehe
*sehingga menjilat jari i tell u*

the pressie they received...they all love Angry Birds esp Aimy..

 Cheers...main2 toys from Ikea..don't u just love it, Ikea ada collection toy yg mcm real punyerr...

Anyway just look at the mini kitchen. I would love to have this! how nice huh

and see these...
They look exactly like the real IKEA stuff, except smaller in size. TOO CUTE.
We all know how kids always prefer the real stuff over toys, right? IKEA people are genius I tell u....genius..even I want dat too huhu..*I start berangan if next baby I get gegirl then I definitely buy all these for her hehehe*

p/s-Happy bday girls plus boy*abang*.. Love u all muahhh
P/s-Did u know, playing masak2 juga merupakan satu xtvt yg baik untuk perkembangan psikomotor kanak2...


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