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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Not Ready to be Big Brother...

It is such nice to hear lot of my besties expecting next year...It refreshed back memories when I was preggy with my Ammar years ago..Alone in stranded place, no hubby n family..just had to rely on myself and few of my friends that will be more than willing to lend hands to help and their shoulder to cry on hahaha..such memories...congrats to all of u *u know who u are*...winks ^_^   My Ammar now is 1 year and 5 months old and there are few keep asking me when is my next baby will be deliver??  and like always, my answer will be "In the making..sabar" or "no rezeki yet" or 'insya'allah next year kot" but actually, I dont think my Ammar is ready to be a BIG BROTHER to his future sister or brother in the making cececech...I mean look at all these pix..Ammar ni pembuli budak yg kecik tomey dari dia so how??

first..he just want to hold the baby

then try nak picit2 dat baby..look at his tokma hands yg terpaksa hold his hands so dat he wont touch d baby -_____-"

look how frightened the baby was -___-" Ammar try nak tunggang dat baby like how he rides his papa's back huhu goes the other rayhan *son of  my classmates during TESL-Ita* v all went to her open house last two weeks he wished to picit2 dat baby huhu..lucky d baby's granny dpt tepis -____-"

unsatisfied face of him sbb xdpt picit2 dat baby huhuhu...sorry syg, awak jgn buat malu mummy ye jadik pembuli budak!!

gaya seorang boss

It just that, I want Ammar bermanja sepuas2nya with we all first then when the time is right *at least until Ammar dah faham bahasa* then I will think about second baby hikhikhik..but just in case, rezeki datang cepat, we'll be more than willing to accept with open hands (^_^)v..for the time being...let Ammar gets his limelights from all of us....

p/s-we love u Ammar

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