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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jimat membawa berkat I got 6 balang of kuih raya with only cheap yet sedap *eventho I puasa but a few of my friend x poser kehkeh* so dorg rasa dulu..alright..not that I bought them or anything but I went for shortcourse buat kuih raya..hehehe..coz I know I'm not going to able to make any raya biscuit if Ammar is around -____-" that boy will definitely kacau me huhu..camtulah kekdahnya dah ada anak yg dah start lasak ni..tingat lak kenangan wat kuih raya  time duk dgn kakwin kat jempol last peaceful sbb xde budak kecik tomei nak that's why I signed up for this course..during office hour+cheap (^_*)v

1st cookies : Walnut Cookies

mix all together...

before going to the oven


2nd cookies: No bake chocolate peanut butter cookies

 easy peasy to do it..u mix it all together n cook it a few minutes then u can start 'menggentel' the dough hahaha

 then u buatlah bentuk2 yg u suka..leave it in ur fridge for a while then...siap!! u dont have to bake it tho..
mudah bukan???
*abaikan bentuk2 hampeh tuh*kehkehkeh..nilah kekdahnya buat nak cepat sbb ada kelas after dat pheww (-_-)"

 the result...dptlah 6 balang kuih raya with just RM5

so worth it..duit budget sepatutnya beli kuih raya then blh sedekah kat budak2 as angpau raya...bestkan!!!

p/s-u all dah buat kuih apa??


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