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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Walkathon againnn....

Date: 12 June 2011/Sunday
Time: 7.00am
Start/Finish: Padang Merbok,KL
Fee: RM25

I went to join this event last week and just found out that this is the 3rd annual event and i only knew bout this event this year (T_T) huhuh..but anyway..better late than never right??? no?? huhu

ok ok..7km is just not my things..i finished 7km in 1 hour plus (T_T) len dah sampai siap bekpes lagik n i baru sampai....sorry mr.hubby n maknoi(my aunty)pun kena ikut I yg lembab jalan spt kura2 ni *tulah jadiknya kalau gemok-stamina pun out* sedihnya...(T_T) jadik org demokk tapi jelita neh (-_-)"

Baiklah, straight to d point...according to the website this event was held to support the 3rd Annual Kordel's Charity Walk for Healthy Joints. It is a great opportunity to kick-start a healthier lifestyle, while raising awareness and fund for an extremely deserving cause.

The Arthritis Foundation Malaysia is a non-profit organization set up to :
1) increase awareness of arthritis & it’s related conditions to the public and
2) look after the welfare of arthritis patients who can’t afford joint replacement.

All proceeds from the participants of this charity walk plus RM1 from the sale of the Kordel’s promotional pack from 1st April – 30th June 2011 will be donated to the Arthritis Foundation Malaysia..

actually... running/jogging/walking is my hubby dearie as an obedient wife *ehemm..cough* I also join to support his hobby..I'm such a good wife kan b??(^_^)..lets check out pix
muka banggo eh..mummy sape ni??? pix b4 walkathon mmg penuh energy
I salute this girl..
bought sticker to support her effort..
warming up first
sea of red: lautan merah
starting point- obvious sgt nampak muka demok I (T_T)
early 10minutes-still ceria n full of energy lagik
at 2km point
err..this amoi only give this for lain dia x bagi pun..huhuh (T_T) I know I know..I budak demok

4km-dah rasa bunga2 lenguh tang peha n lutut
at 6km point...sorok gambar lutut dah longgar (T_T)
borrow that amoi's flag (^_*)
feel to ride this bike sampai finish point...rasa2 abg polis ni nampak x???

see..terpaksa diheret oleh hubby tercinta spy I keep on walking..
at last he gave up on me (T_T)..I ditinggalkan di belakang huhu
happy faces..I we did it yeay for us...7km tuh..abis terbakar lemak2 yg I syg selama ni
 Oh yes..I forgot to share with u, what we got in the bag....cekidaut...

a bag of course..designed by Beatrice Looi
and this

so worth it can?? pay RM25 and u get all this...

time to go home...see u next year!!!

more pics on pesbuk


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