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Monday, June 20, 2011

Ammar time with mummy

Yesterday was a mummy time with ammar..we left alone at home..papa had work at school so ammar stay dgn mummy..we played cartoon together, having a bath 2gether hehehe n took a nap errr..yg ni xsama2 sbb time ammar nap so mummy do all the chores..sweeping n mopping d floor, clean up the kitchen n made lunch..just a simple lunch..paratha segera cicah dgn home made curry chicken..yummy!!!abis sekeping cicah dgn a bowl of chicken curry (^_^)...when ammar woke up, mummy suap ammar with that paratha n curry..ammar is not a picky eater..he will eat anything...dari kuah asam pedas, lemak cili api seme mummy dah pernah try bagi hahaha..people might think..why u gave him such foods at early stage??? the reason is at least in my personal exp..u have to start let him taste at early stage..and being 1 year old, I think my ammar is ready for that..

so far, ammar can eat anything n xde any allergies wat so ever..he likes vegetables, fruits, rice, noodle..bagi jelah apa2 mmg dia akan makan..maybe because i let him taste anything he wants during his age..I do pantau on his foods *mind u* xnak la nanti dia jadi baby obese yg just that, u have to let ur baby taste apa je yg u mkn but sikit2 la jgn la bagi sepinggan hentak tuh..afraid ur baby will have diarhea plak nanti or kembong..but so far, really, my ammar jarang kena kembung ke or any related to stomach..dia sgt happy je dpt mkn macam2..but yg selalu I bg adalah fruits n vege..his favourite is carrot..I have no complaint on my ammar..he is so easy to manage in terms of foods (^_^)

p/s-mummy just dont know how to make u brush ur 6 teeth..sgt susah nak gosok gigi budak tomey ni...huhu (T_T)..yg ni mummy agak frust sket...


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