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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What you do if you lose your ASB book???

Clumsy me..I lose my ASB book..I dont know where I misplaced it..I search the whole house like the detective search the clue to catch the bad guy..My house like somehow u seen in CSI..yes exactly like the crime scene and I still couldn't find it tho...(-_-)' I guess I have to make the new one (T_T)...

I went to ASB branch in Kuala Selangor *lucky for me, they have the new branch here* kalau x jenuhlah nak pi buat either in Shah Alam or KL....fuh..So based on my exp, what you need in order to make the new book are:

Setem hasil/duty stamp and it cost RM10 each - better if u buy at any post office before you go to ASNB branch

another RM10 to pay for the new book (T_T)

photostate IC (gambar sekadar hiasan)   

Pic source: google

That's all u need to get the new book..but kalau u pi sana adalah borang yg u kena isi n all that. They'll tell u what to do..dont worry..It just that, make sure u buy duty stamp can get it at the nearest post office...

Here the details about the ASNB branches in every states

Don't worry because ASNB offices which provide full range of services including cash transaction...So it's easier for ur need...i hope this article helps for u who are experienced the same probs as mine hehehe..Hope my book not going miss in action again in the future..kalau x, just siap sedia dgn duit RM20 huhu (T_T) ...happy saving in ASNB


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