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Sunday, April 3, 2011


Today is Sunday...No doubt about that haha..I'm at my mama's house in KL..*doing nothing* 
n u call yourself a dutiful wife ptfftf (^_*)v..I'm planning to do all this today but we'll see about that later huh...

  1. Blog about my adik angkat wedding that we attend yesterday - but apparently the pics are still ni the camera and I couldn't find the cable..most probably in my house so yg ni xkan dpt buat until I blk umah kot....
  2. Make my Ammar bubur carrot
  3. Clean up my closet kat umah KL sbb mama said is so FULL of my clothes n haruslah tutup n buka pintu lemari tu dgn cepat kalau xnak baju berterabur huhu (T_T)..have u guys exp that?? or it just me yg malas..
  4. Bgn awal n jogging but I missed it huhu bukan sbb I bgn lambat but I'm just not in the vibe to jog this morning but don't worry I'll do it this evening..*cross fingers*
  5. Go to Tesco n buy things for this week but tips b4 going shopping perut haruslah penuh dahulu supaya I xkan beli apa2 yg not in the me..u'll buy sthing that u regret later contoh like coklat ke apa kan kalau perut tgh lapar everything u nak...esp makanan yg byk byk menyumbang dalam tumbesaran perut, ur hips n butt..
  6. Stop blogging now and do all the above..
so babai...



  1. everything is done according to my plan except for number 3 and 4 haha



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