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Friday, April 15, 2011

English Proverb..

Hi I would like to share some of famous English Proverbs that I know..maybe we read it somewhere but couldn't recall the meaning behind it... Proverbs is  the beauty of language *at least for me* because it makes us think *with God given brain* very hard what is the meaning behind all those beautiful words...

1. A leopard cannot change its spots

Meaning: the notion that things cannot change their innate nature.  

further explanation- if u kenal s/body yg u rasa sgt menyampah sbb suka bawak mulut/bad mouth pasal org lain eventho dia ckp dia dah repent pi mekah but blk mekah buat perkara yg sama gak sbb tu ada pepatah ni 'a leapard cannot change its spot' dah mmg perangai camtu, mmg susah nak buang huhu (T_T) 

 2. A penny saved is a penny earned 

Meaning: It is as useful to save money that you already have as it is to earn more.  

further explanation- segala apa yg kite dpt tuh hasil drpd hard earn living/titik peluh kita

3. All things come to he who waits 

Meaning: Literal meaning - in praise of patience. 

further explanation- org yg penyabar ni at the end akan mendapat segala yg diimpikan..xde salahnya jika kita menjadi org yg penuh dgn kesabaran n..byk kebaikannye..insya'allah... 


4.Every cloud has silver lining

Meaning: Every bad situation has some good aspect to it. This proverb is usually said as an encouragement to a person who is overcome by some difficulty and is unable to see any positive way forward.  

further explanation- pasti ada hikmah di sebalik setiap dugaan/cabaran yg kite tempuhi 


5. Faith will move mountain

Meaning: Faith is immensely powerful. 

further explanation- bukanlah bermaksud kite boleh mengalih gunung ganang tuh but lebih kepada faith/kepercayaan kite 

 There are hundreds or maybe thousand of proverb/idiom out there but I just remember a few of them (-_-)' *sigh*


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