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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Have u check???

After seen  Anmum ads on TV, I realised to check my Ammar's milk *after 2 weeks baru terhegeh2 nak buat* but better now than never right!!! hehehe...As a concern mummy..ehemm..batuk sket!! I ni bukanlah kategori mak-mak yg sgt cerewet pasal pemakanan anak sampai seme pun anak xblh mkn coz as for me sumber rezeki yg halal tu lebih pntg dari apa yg kite bg tuh..i mean ada some of my friends *some not all ya'* yg sgt particular n ..kalau I ckp I bg Ammar mkn this n that nanti dia ckp"ee, u bg tuh nanti anak u sakit perutlah apalah n etc" ckp yg menakutkan like seme benda except porridge je anak I blh mkn huhu...Ammar dah x berapa gemar porridge...he likes nasi more than porridge maybe coz dia blh chew dgn gigi dia yg 5 batang tuh..n thanx God Ammar not really a pick eater..I mean kalau I suap dia any type of vege like brocolli or carrot n etc..seme dia bedal I think lain budak lain perangai far anak I xde apa2 alahan so I didn't stop feeding him veges..I xnak my Ammar byk hal..ada je xnak mkn so I sumbat je apa yg I mkn except for too much sugar...

 "Kempen Kurangkan Pengambilan Gula" which was launched by the Ministry of Health last year. They found out that the average Malaysian adult adds 7 teaspoons of sugar in his/her drinks per day, not including the sugar we take in other food like breads, doughnuts, cookies, cakes, etc. So now it is estimated we consume more than the World Health Organization recommendation.  We Malaysian are really "sweet" people, aren't we?! that's why I check on my Ammar's milk (FM). I just stop bf him recently so dia minum fully FM now..and my Ammar milk alhamdulillah xde sbrg xtra added sugar wat so ever....

I've always thought there are good sugar and bad sugar, just like fats. There aren't. There are 2 types of sugars tho which is natural sugar and added sugar. Natural sugar is found in fruits, veggies and honey. Added sugar is processed sugar that you add to your food and drinks. Natural sugar sounds like a good type of sugar and added sugar sounds like the bad one, right? Well, not really. I was surprised to find out that even natural sugar can lead to health implications, just like added sugar, if consumed excessively or too much of it!

If u want to calculate how many xtra spoon of sugar u been feeding ur child..dont hesitate n go to this website

p/s- I still think BM is still the best milk for child (^_^)



  1. I think what you said about health implications with both natural sugar and added sugar is correct. Because after all sugar is sugar and the best way to manage is avoid taking too much of anything. That means kena watch overall diet not just susu right?



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