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Thursday, October 21, 2010

L . A . Z . Y

By reading d title u already can guess my feeling right at this very moment. There are tones of work been piled up my desk this couple of weeks. Some urgent, some can wait but all that I just threw it on the floor. It all can wait I guess. Help me...I need to see ammar to energize my energy. I need vacation so much. Can't wait for our Babymoon this december yeay!!! and next year going to be our family holss to bandung..yeay again!!! I need to make my passport quick. my mum already nagging because I'm still didn't do my passport (they can't book/buy ticket flight if I dont have passport) U need passport in order for u to buy tickets tho( well..i never been outside malaysia except spore but it doesn't count because I was a child at dat time.... so i dont know hehehe)..I need to wait until school hols so me n hubby can go together for all the passport thingy. I promise mother!! fingercross (^_^)...till then...chiao arghh...I'm too lazy to type..ada byk benda nak story mory but later..


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