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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Yup..I'm going to be away from Bahau for a week..Yeay!!! last...fresh air hehehe..not that for pleasure *mind u* but for courses in KL n d good news is...the place is just around the corner *bout' 5minutes drive from home* yeay lagik!!! boleh jumpa my baby ammar everyday. entah2 xtdo pun kat hotel tu maybe tdo umah je...depends la but d probability is maybe I'm home everyday *battling eyelashes*. 

Tomorrow I'll take ammar for his 4th medical check up. Hopefully dia xdemam after the injection memandangkan skrg ni batuk n selsema ammar still xbaik2. Mummy sgt risau dgr his breathing huhuu (T_T)
Ya Allah, please heal my son's sakit a.s.a.p *Amin*

p/s- doa2kan Ammar baik cepat (-_-)!


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  1. amiiinnn...

    pesanan utk ammar: semoga ammar cepat sembuh yer... jd ank lelaki mami yg baiik, k...



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