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Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Students

Well..before this mmg la I ada post entry bout my student yg kurang ajar tu...even dia xminta maaf pun lagi(yg still buat I kind of upset) but life must goes on...I have lot of other students yg still nak blajar n respect me..tu yg still buat saya semangat utk terus blajar mengajar....yesterday with a few students of mine..I buat xtra class plus short course bg yg dpt result lemah on their previous quiz yg I buat dlm class...18 students came..not bad huh..from 20 students yg supposedly dtg..atleast 2 students je yg absent..tu pun sbb dorg not feeling well...I felt so happy n bangga at d same time sbb diz students faham apa yg di ajar on that turns out that, dorg mmg minat nak blajar it just that maybe during my regular class, they just didnt pay attention...class ni pun dibuat atas permintaan student2 ni gak sbb dorg mmg minat nak belajar it just that they are too shy to speak english in public

these are few of the pics yg sempat di snap during class...
they r busy trying to do my task

groupwork xtvt

say cheese everybody not cis...

Hopefully...their english will be better after this..insya'allah...u guys can do it....I have faith on u guys!!! Remember "English Is Fun"

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