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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Me@31 weeks

Hi all....I just wanna make a quick update on myself n baby...esok ada prenatal checkup again huhu..hopefully everything going to be smoothly before my delivery..I'm ballooning as weight is.....well let's not talk about it baby is progressing very well the last time I checked with 1.3kg in weight n everything looks normal..finger cross the baby will be born healthy!! Let's see how I look like these couple of days...the pix taken bout 2weeks ago@29 weeks..

Can't wait for the lil' munchkin to arrive...xsabar nak g shopping brg baby..still didnt shop until now hehehe...2nd preggy ni everything last minute xmacam abg ammar 6months dah beli sikit2 brgnye...hehehe..skrg ni mood countdown nak cuti je..duk rilex kat umah...cepatlah Disember..


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