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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

10 common words u need to stop mispelling

As teacher/lecturer cum educator in English, I have this..hmm..what u said the word is...hmm..*thinking hard how to explain it in simple English* oh the right word I think on how to describe about GRAMMAR..not grandma!! I cared on grammar during reading books,novels,newspaper,marking papers etc..but I prefer to use what it calls...relax and ungrammatical during writing blogs so basically u'll see my blog's postings with bahasa rojak coz I wont look so 'skema' infront of u (^_*)v...To tell d truth.. I am such a boring person coz I read dictionaries when I have free time huhu (T_T) but seriously, dictionaries are great fun to read sometimes *go n try it* u dont know how much words u though the meaning is this but turn out not so...If I went for shopping, my hands were so itch to betulkan yg biasa n biasakan yg betul *get wat I mean*

Example like: Buy 1 Free 1 -it's totally wrong n not even a proper sentence
Supposedly  : Buy 1 and get another 1 Free

okay okay..back to business *serious mode*

Source from : HERE

P/s- Do u know that today  Wikipedia  having the BLACKOUT *it happens to be my TOP searching tools for everything huhu*

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