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Friday, June 10, 2011

I loveeeee marking paperss

yes..u hear me..I loveee marking papers *tangan di bahu mata pandang ke atas*

All my students are soooo clever and give all the answer that I want...and I dont mind to read your karangan terpesong tuh because i pun dah lama x baca essay2 camtu release my tension u see.. n don't worry about your handwriting coz I love to read small handwriting..i can make use of my kanta pembesar yg dah lama x guna kat rumah tuh...n dont worry also about ur messy h/writing..I will consider it as art..abstract is art rite??

see...i'm enjoying my life to the max..thanx to u guys
note to self: be greatful no matter what u are facing. the end...


1 comment:

  1. tima kasih coz mark my paper..................... markah sy full x????? huhu



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